Training on Business Intelligence and Analytics using Tableau

Tableau Training in Kolkata

Aunwesha Academy introduces training on Business Intelligence and Analytics using Tableau. This is an instructor-led training program where professionals from industry with real-life project experience in using Tableau are the instructors.

The course duration and timings are flexible based on your requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Topic Outline

1. Intro
What is data visualization? What is Tableau? Architecture and Installation
2. Data connectivity options
  • Editing Data Connections and Data Sources / Editing Metadata and Saving Data Sources
  • Using and Refreshing Extracts / Join Types / Data Blending
  • Connection with excel.
3. Visualisation of data
  • Choice of Graph and Charts / Understand Formatting features
  • Histograms / Gantt Charts for activity tracking
4. Dashboards
  • Building and Using dashboard and Story Points
  • Sharing Dashboards – Import, Export, printing to PDF
5. Calculations
  • Time Based Calculations / Aggregate Calculations
  • Table Calculations / Logical Calculations
  • Type conversion
6. Visualization through Maps and Images
7. Controls, Forecasting, and Statistics
  • Controlling Charts / Statistics Calculations
  • Box Plots / Trend Lines / Forecasting options
8. Connectivity with Hadoop / SQL Server / OLAP etc
9. Assignments