Computational Logic and Algorithmic Thinking (CLAT) Test

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Are you smart enough to create the next Facebook or a pilotless aeroplane?

The Computational Logic and Algorithmic Thinking (CLAT) 2018 competition is a one of a kind problem-solving competition which seeks to identify the anayltical and logical thinking potential—something which students might not normally have an opportunity to demonstrate. We are looking for the best young minds in today’s digital age. CLAT 2018 is being organised by Bluebell Research in collaboration with  Aunwesha Academy.

No prior experience in computer programming is necessary. Only your intelligence will be tested.

The problems are designed to be quick to solve and highly approachable, and range in difficulty from very easy to challenging. Some questions test the ability to accurately perform procedures, others require logical thought, while the more challenging problems require the identification and application of algorithms.

CLAT test has 3 divisions:

Junior (year 6-8), Intermediate (year 9-10) and Senior (year 11-12).

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