LinkedIns research on B2B buyers

Digital technology has disrupted the supply-and-demand relationship forever and placed more power in the hands the buyer. As such, marketers/sellers need to put the customer at the centre of their marketing/selling approach.

The most significant development has come with the shift to interactivity. Interactivity means that disruption is now on the demand side. Consumers are engaging with their peers and sharing experiences of products and services. In B2B businesses, we have reached a point where customer experience is now the defining competitive advantage.

LinkedIn did a market research with the following question – how can we better understand the drivers for B2B buyers, and use that knowledge to provide a framework that your organisation can use to influence purchase decisions in the current environment?

The research shows that in the digitally enabled environment, selling is more than just finding and developing leads. The data reveals three key strategies to drive sales success: 1. Target 2. Understand 3. Engage

By focusing on social selling, sales reps can put themselves ahead of the competition, which means better outcomes for business.

Read the details in this report

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